Theatre WP docs


Settings -> TheatreWP

Options to name Productions and Performances, slug and post per page.


There are currently three widgets:

  • Global Next Performances
    Display every upcoming performance
  • Production Next Performaces
    Display upcoming performances for the current viewing Production.
    This widget is shown only in single Production view.
  • Production Sponsors
    Display link, name and logo of sponsors for the current Production


Some code examples to use Theatre WP in your theme.


Get Production Custom Data

Template: single-spectacle.php

Within the loop:

Get Paged Productions List

Template: archive-spectacle.php

Get Productions by format

Template: taxonomy-format.php


Get Performance Custom Data

Template: single-performance.php

Add performances pagination support to your theme



There are six templates within the plugin as examples:

  • single-spectacle.php #Single Show page
  • single-performance.php #Single Performance page
  • archive-spectacle.php #List of available Shows
  • archive-performance.php #List of availabel Performances
  • check-dates-form.php # To filter performances by date
  • taxonomy-format.php # Productions by category